Consultant services

Trimma has long experience and great expertise in IT and system development. We work with the latest technologies to transform our customers’ needs and ideas in the most effective way into practical, well-implemented, system solutions.
By combining our business understanding in finance, budgeting, cost estimation, OLF, production and projects with modern technology, we can quickly deliver system solutions that increase the efficiency of our customers’ businesses and keep to budget. We work with well-known customers in manufacturing, forestry, energy, real estate and the public sector.

We deliver services in the following areas:

  • Decision support, data warehousing and reporting. Trimma has worked on more than 100 comprehensive projects in decision support, the majority of which involved our own product, INSIGHT.
  • Systematised setting of rent and rental negotiations.
  • System development. Trimma’s certified developers participate in different phases of a system development project, from architecture and security to interface-related issues.
  • Training/Seminars/Workshops. Trimma offers customised courses, seminars and workshops.