INSIKT Projekt

INSIGHT Project - Project management and planning

INSIKT Projekt is an independent and comprehensive tool for project management. The tool supports all of the business’s project needs, whether this concerns small administrative projects or large investment projects. Projects can be planned and followed up in all of their various parts and processes.

INSIKT supports all of the project work by means of process templates that are adapted to different types of project. Project participant’s are easily linked to the project by different roles and responsibility is assigned for different activities during the entire project process. The content in the project process may depend on the type of project. Processes are set up as a sequence of time-set phases, where each phase contains a number of activities and sub-activities. The project progress by making finished and certification of completed activities and sub-activities.

Project estimates
INSIKT makes it possible to manage different types of financial cost estimate, which are directly linked to the different projects. Using the solution, simple project estimates are created for costs, liquidity, investments, occupation/evacuation as well as K3. The information from source systems is automatically integrated and consolidated and the users are always working with up-to-date information. The results of project estimates are transferred automatically to the business’s budget and can be analysed down to the detail level.

Project portfolio
The portfolio view provides a fast and easy-to-grasp picture of all of your projects, with finances, processes, risks and KPIs. Toggle quickly to INSIKT Analys for more detailed analyses.

INSIGHT Project supports all of the business’s project management by:

  • Managing process templates
  • Process control including decision points and activities
  • Investment estimates
  • Occupation and evacuation planning
  • Document management
  • Portfolio management
  • Risk management
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