INSIKT Planering

INSIGHT Planning™ - Planning and budgeting

Thanks to the product’s web interface, a large number of employees can be involved in the budget work without making the process difficult and time-consuming. Planning work based on budget or rolling forecasts can be speeded up and allows the creation of greater employee involvement. Data is entered via the browser and integrates with underlying business systems. Analysis of differences between real outcomes and plans is done easily with INSIKT Analys.

Less compilation, more analysis
Instead of the Finance Department dedicating resources to the collection and management of data, the employees themselves enter the information, which is then automatically integrated and consolidated. Instead, the focus can be placed on qualitative work such as analysis and planning. Direct dialogue between users is encouraged and simplified, which reduces the time for budget work and increases the quality.

Smart functions
INSIKT Planering includes a range of smart solutions that facilitate the planning process. Workflow motor with authorisation, monitoring and control. Integration with underlying business systems and INSIKT Analys make it easy to analyse differences between outcomes and plans. The product also has support for simulation, logging, planning instructions, and driver-based budgeting. Plans and budgets can be supplemented with comments and documents down to specific cells, which facilitates the understanding and dialogue between different employees.


INSIKT Planering supports your business by:

  • Adapting processes, inputs and outcomes to each user
  • Simplicity, contributing to improved commitment, time savings and data quality
  • The input values are automatically made available in reports and scorecards
  • Offering ready-made solutions for finance, sales, production, maintenance, investments, projects, etc.
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