INSIGHT Analysis

A user-friendly and web-based interface to Microsoft’s OLAP technology enables all employees to create analyses and reports. Information can be easily examined from all sides, both as diagrams and figures by anyone who knows how a normal browser works. With the help of the tool, employees can see trends and understand what is driving the business. Based on analysis, modifiable reports are created, which are easily distributed to other employees or groups of employees.

Analyse – quick and easy
INSIKT makes it possible to examine things from all sides, burrow down and analyse data. The users choose from predefined reports or create spontaneous reports and analyses. Information can be broken down to the transaction level, for example, transactions from the general ledger can be displayed down to the level of verification. Despite powerful functionality and great opportunities, the development of INSIKT is based on the fundamental idea that ordinary users should, in an easy way without training, be able to navigate and understand important business data.

Comprehensive reporting
Reports and analyses are created and can be easily saved for distribution to the entire company. From reports, users can follow data down to transactions, comments, and scanned invoices. Easily accessible and flexible reporting allows everyone to gain access to information that enables better and more secure decisions. Cost monitoring, sales reports, management reports, user’s own reports or spontaneous queries are made available to the employees. Reports are customised with the help of analysis and the formatting functionality, for example, sales reports can be broken down by products, date, seller, profitability, budget departures, and so on.

INSIKT Analys supports your business by:

  • Collecting data from multiple sources and delivering a complete picture of the information
  • The simplicity makes it possible to process data into reports in minutes
  • Support comprehensive reporting from user designed interactive reports to hard formatted Group reporting.
  • Graphically visualise, navigate, and filter data.
  • Export to popular formats: Excel, CSV, PDF, etc.
  • Comments to reports are typed in by employees, the system compiles the rights-controlled information.
  • Ensure that everyone has shared and quality assured information.
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